Places to Visit This Spring

Now that the winter season is coming to an end and the temperatures are beginning to climb back up, warmer climates are being sought after by avid travelers to ring in the new season. To truly embrace spring, I’ve put together a list of my favorite consideration this year, for a memorable, relaxing getaway in the sun.

Aogashima Island, Japan

If you’re looking for a destination to escape city life and bustling communities, Aogashima is a real hidden gem. It is important to note that getting here isn’t easy. Whether you are traveling by air or by sea, it will most likely take multiple stops before reaching the island. However, once you do arrive, the views alone are arguably worth the trip. Forests line the volcanic island, with a village within an actual crater. Popular activities here include hiking and enjoying the quaint lifestyle that comes with such a small island.

Dominican Republic

Full of all-inclusive resorts that provide the amenities of a luxury vacation, the Dominican Republic offers a relatively affordable getaway for most travelers. Towns like Punta Cana offer a thriving nightlife with plenty of restaurants and bars, while Las Terrenas, a smaller fishing village, gives you a less crowded experience with breathtaking beaches. A popular spot for even more views is Los Haitises National Park, where you and a tour guide can navigate the many lagoons and canals via kayak.


What is typically a freezing cold destination in several months in the year, Massachusetts is a great destination in the spring for those seeking an authentic New England experience. Boston, Gloucester, and Quincy are all cities offering very different experiences, all of which thriving in the spring. Cape Ann in Gloucester is a great fishing town with historic buildings and lighthouses, and some of the best seafood you will find in the United States. For naval enthusiasts, Quincy has a great marina that houses hundreds of boats, with bayside restaurants all around.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

In recent news, the Great Barrier Reef has been in some serious trouble. The enormous structure visible from space has been experiencing coral bleaching, so an attempt to see this remarkable animal should be made as soon as possible. There are several tours that offer scuba diving and snorkeling trips for visitors around the area, like Cruise Whitsundays, whose ships include glass observatories in the bottoms for a unique perspective without getting wet.

Olympic National Park, Washington

A hometown favorite of mine, this is a trip that must be made for sightseers. Seeing as this past winter included several strong blizzards, the ensuing melting should lead to flourishing waterfalls and rivers all around the park. Hiking here allows visitors to see exotic flowers, enormous trees, and several lakes. Outside the forests, whalewatching tours can be found along the Pacific coast. One of my favorite spots to camp when I was little was Kalaloch campgrounds, situated right on beautiful Kalaloch beach. I would recommend staying there if you have some time to unwind.