Visiting Italy: A Must in European Travel

Italy is, in more ways than one, simply the best country to visit if you’re looking to expand your cultural horizons. It’s the perfect blend of art, history and culture, that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re planning a vacation to the other side of the world in the near future for an unforgettable experience, you might want to pencil in the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci and the antipasta at the top of your bucket list.

For a truly historical experience, the capital city of Rome is full of some of the world’s oldest art, dining, and architecture. As easily the most recognizable symbol of the city, the Colosseum is one of the most frequently visited landmarks in the entire country. The near 2,000 year old amphitheater was home to bloody forms of combat back in the year 80 A.D. involving gladiators, lions, and more, giving way to centuries of entertainment.

Rome also contains Vatican City, which is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church; Pope Francis’ current place of residence. Within these walls is the internationally known Sistine Chapel; one of the most breathtaking artistic chapels the world has to offer with paintings like the Trials of Moses, and of course The Creation of Adam. Though these are just a few of many things to do in Italy’s capital, one should always abide by the age-old saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”



A visually stunning city that everyone should see at least once in their lives is Venice. Lined with only canals that are guided by gondolas, this picturesque city sets the scene for those yearning for romantic settings. In the heart of town lies Basilica di San Marco, one of Italy’s most famous churches, which was referred to by Napoleon as “the drawing room of Europe.” Experience wine tours, contemporary art, and Venetian cuisine that utilizes some of the most unique types of seafood in the world.

Being home to some of the best vineyards in Europe, Italy’s wines are unparalleled. Even if you aren’t a wine connoisseur, or even a wine enthusiast, almost everyone who visits the countryside of Italy can appreciate the scenery and tradition. Certain regions like Sardinia and Tuscany come with views that inspired many artists throughout history, and are lined with vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. Of course, wine tours are available almost every day of the week, which come with a variety of amenities.

For sports fans, soccer in Italy can be considered a second religion on its own. Regardless of whether or not soccer is an interest of yours, attending these games is an experience that cannot be copied in other countries. Clubs like Juventus F.C., A.S. Roma, Napoli, and A.C. Milan stimulate the loudest, most enthusiastic, and passionate fans in the continent.

A vacation to Italy could be a life changing event. Taking in all of the culture the country has to offer could provide you with insight and perspectives you didn’t know existed, expanding your knowledge of the world. Those listed above are just barely scratching the surface of things to do in this country of incomparable beauty, and Italy’s endless possibilities pave the way for perhaps your most memorable expedition yet.