The Best Destinations when Traveling Alone

Leonard David Raymundo

There’s simply nothing like traveling by yourself. Whether you’re embarking on a new journey to discover yourself, or simply getting away to break up a monotonous day-to-day schedule, traveling on your own can open your eyes in a lot of ways. The theory of the “lonely traveler” is a common misconception. Any feelings of loneliness one may experience when traveling solo are typically due to lethargy. Getting out there to embrace everything your country of choice has to offer will be incredibly fulfilling, and a sure-fire way to meet new people. The following are just a few of my favorite places to visit for those exploring the world without a travel buddy.


Many people don’t think of Thailand first, but it is one of the most visually stunning countries in the world. Thailand is a popular spot for solo travelers searching for a more peaceful experience given the country’s Buddhist traditions. Because of its popularity, meeting fellow travelers is almost impossible to avoid. Combine that with Thailand’s notorious hospitality, and this destination becomes an instant bullet on anyone’s bucket list.

Khao Yai National Park is an absolute must-see attraction for people visiting Thailand. This enormous reservation of rainforests, grasslands, and mountain tops is home to migratory birds, elephants, bears, gibbons, and more, all of which can be seen on guided tours.


It may seem cliche, but seeing the Eiffel Tower is something all travelers should do at least once in their lifetime. With an abundance of museums, and cafes showcasing the delicious cuisine of France, solo travelers would be all too occupied in Paris to feel anything remotely similar to loneliness. If a city environment isn’t quite what you had in mind, the French countryside is great for avid hikers and backpackers.


Melbourne and Australia as a whole is known as one of the safest travel destinations in the world, and as an English-speaking country, you won’t come across many language barriers here. Another country with bustling cities, Australia also has a beautiful countryside where a huge variety of wildlife lives. However, a word of caution: many animals in this country tend to be poisonous or venomous.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is truly the capital of adventure among Central American countries. From surfing, to hiking, to ziplining through rainforests, a trip here would be met with warmth from locals, as it is one of the most peaceful countries in its region.


Perhaps my favorite location in the world, the Netherlands is a dream travel spot known for its bike riders, gorgeous architecture, gourmet cafes, and liberal social policies. The Netherlands is simply a solo traveler’s ideal destination. Possibly the most laid back country in Europe, the Dutch truly know how to let your worries go and enjoy the moment. Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Maastricht are among the most popular cities for tourists, and for good reason. 755 restaurants and 1,400 cafes and bars fill the country with culture, and make for great spots to meet locals, or others traveling abroad.