Leonard David Raymundo

Leonardo David Raymundo is an expert copywriter and brand strategist based in Seattle. Outside of work, Leonardo is deeply passionate about travel, backpacking, and exploration.

A sincere believer in the value of intercultural exchange and wandering, Leonardo Raymundo continues to adore traveling and particularly crossing international borders. Beyond simply observing different places and communities around the world, however, Leonard advocates for investing real time and effort into new places to more fully begin to appreciate their unique beauty.

Leonard’s time in Japan excellently illustrates these values. He has visited the country twice. First, he was there alone and traveling for work. He did not speak the language, he could not make the time to overcome the language barrier, and Leonard ended up spending the vast majority of his time in his hotel room. On his second visit, however, Leonard Raymundo partnered with a coworker based in Japan, which led to some of his most amazing international experiences. He met incredible people, saw amazing sites, tried delicious new foods, and more. Investing the extra effort into not just the place, but the people, intensely deepened his sense of connection to an otherwise alien and foreign culture.

When you make that extra effort, you become sincerely involved in the cultural and social processes of an entirely new community – this eventually opens the door to true comprehension of how other people think, live, and see the world. Growing your perspective in this way empowers true personal growth.

Throughout his childhood, Leonard’s parents made a point to show their kids as much of the world as possible. This included spending time outside of the country, typically in Asia or Europe. These experiences made it evident to him that traveling offers you a broadened perspective that is not otherwise possible. The impact of this growth does not disappear upon returning home.

Leonard David Raymundo understands that a huge number of social issues and conflict arise and then intensify due to a lack of effective communication and empathy.

Traveling, however, improves your ability to navigate differences and connect meaningfully. Travel allows for a better understanding of from where people are coming when discussing an issue and opens new avenues for progress. This, in turn, makes travelers more engaged citizens and, often, better people overall.

Beyond travel, Leonardo David Raymundo is a prolific and dedicated writer who loves his craft. Leonard’s experience covers both long and short form copy formats, and tends to lean towards humorous copy, and every so often, speak in the third person. Leonard has written website content, email marketing, brochures, catalogs, headlines, taglines, slogans, for multiple clients and businesses, and hopes one day for world domination (or an apartment in Ballard would be nice too).