Budget Travel Hacks For Your Wallet’s Sake

There is nothing quite like traveling the world. No classroom, movie, or book can compare to the real-world experience of having one’s own adventure. That being said, many of life’s sweetest travel experiences can come at a cost.  The main decisions surrounding any adventure are usually focused on transportation, accommodation, activities, and dining. In every one of these cases, the… Read more →

Travel Gear for the Adventuring Pet Owner

  Pet owners of all kinds understand the joy of bringing their animal companions along with them on trips, whether that is to the beach, across the country on a road trip, or flying overseas. However, this can come as a challenge depending on certain travel requirements or restrictions. For example, not all hotels are pet-friendly, and most airlines require… Read more →

The Least Touristy Places to See in Europe

While seeing some of the most well known locations and landmarks in the world should be on everyone’s travel-related bucket list, avid, more experienced travelers rarely want to visit a place with enormous crowds. Given the sheer number of popular destinations located in Europe, visiting any country within this continent may seem like a tourist trap. However, if you know… Read more →

Why You Should Visit British Columbia

While you are researching destinations for your next vacation, you may find yourself feeling torn between choosing a somewhat secluded location in the mountains and a getaway to a bustling city. Although each has their own benefits and highlights, they are obviously vastly different, and it is very rare to find a single location that encompasses the elements of both… Read more →

Best Destinations to Airbnb

Hopefully by now you’ve heard of the mega-giant online business known as Airbnb. Since its inception in 2008, Airbnb has become almost ubiquitous with travel accommodations. With a broad range of homes, apartments, condos, and even teepees and igloos available, vacationers can find the perfect abode that will meet their needs and enhance their traveling experience — especially since it… Read more →

The Frustrations of Flying

Jetsetting sounds cool, but frequent travelers are all too familiar with the time-consuming, exasperating process that is boarding an airplane. It seems like having a nice, stress-free experience at an airport is almost impossible given the amount of rules and checks you go through before boarding your plane. The entire procedure can be stressful and exhausting, but preparing yourself in… Read more →