The Frustrations of Flying


Jetsetting sounds cool, but frequent travelers are all too familiar with the time-consuming, exasperating process that is boarding an airplane. It seems like having a nice, stress-free experience at an airport is almost impossible given the amount of rules and checks you go through before boarding your plane. The entire procedure can be stressful and exhausting, but preparing yourself in advance can make things easier, letting you focus on the good times you’re about to have at your destination.

A common dilemma most of us face is the time in which flights should be boarded. Do you attempt to be the first in line? Or, is it better to wait and join the last few boarders? There are a large number of airport amenities to take into consideration when deciding whether you should board now or later, which can be seen as a positive. Lounges, for example, are a great reason to hang back and enjoy a cocktail while your flight boards. Should you choose to wait however, you will most likely have much less space in overhead storage for your baggage; an inconvenience that can make any flight unenjoyable.

In-flight upgrades are rare. If you’re offered one, take it. The chances of that happening however, are fairly slim. Most airlines rarely offer upgrades, so if you are not at the gate in the event of them calling your name, you will be quickly passed on. Just one reason to perhaps skip the nearest airport lounge, however tempting the cocktails may be.

Delayed flights are perhaps the most frustrating events to take place when flying. Regardless of the reason, arriving at the airport and working your way through the TSA all in a reasonable time only to be told your flight will not be departing for several hours can drive any traveler mad. Unfortunately, this is one flying frustration that is out of your control, so long as you are not the direct cause for the delay (and I hope you’re not).

Depending on where you are traveling and how much you plan to bring, luggage can be another extremely tedious task that comes with flying. You are trusting all of your travel possessions to be safely and carefully transported to the destination you of your choice while it is completely out of your sight. Though that certainly can be seen as a convenience, the chances of losing or having your luggage damaged still remains. The worst part is that should your luggage be lost somewhere in the process of transporting it, most airlines very rarely reimburse you for their mistakes. I suggest packing light, and as minimal as possible.

Though the distance of your flight is entirely up to you, leaving one time zone and entering another can be disorienting, and certainly frustrating. Having to endure jet lag during the first few days of your trip can put a serious damper on your time away, and can even affect your overall health.

I’ll end this blog on a positive. As frustrating as flying may be, it really does open you up to a whole new world of experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise. You open your mind to new perspectives . So, in the few hours or so it may take to get on a plane, just know that the seeing the world is a privilege we should all be thankful for.