Tokyo’s Best Restaurants

I’ve been to Japan about 3 times now, and I feel confident enough to say that Japan has some of the best foods in the world (in my humble opinion). Tokyo, Japan has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world. If that fact alone isn’t enough to convince you to visit for a culinary revelation, it should also be known that they are among some of the most diverse restaurants as well. If a trip to Tokyo, or anywhere in Japan for that matter, is in your future, make sure you write down the following restaurants to experience all that Tokyo has to offer.




Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa earned his culinary stripes in the countries of Italy, Switzerland, France, and of course, Japan. His unique skills are displayed in the experimental dishes served at his restaurant, with their biggest emphasis being environmental conservation. Through this, Chef Narisawa has created dishes like moss butter, soil soup, and water salad. This vastly unique dining experience is something that should be considered by anyone with an open mind, especially for those passionate about the environment.


Joël Robuchon


Aptly named after the world-renowned French chef, the cuisine is what you’d expect; exquisite modern French. Joël Robuchon offers a number of set menus featuring visually stunning dishes, as well as a la carte options to match. If you still crave some form of Japanese cuisine at the end of your meal, the restaurant also offers Kyoho graph mochi and almond ice cream for dessert.


Ginza Kojyu

Leonard David Raymundo Tokyo restaurants


One of Tokyo’s finest dining experiences with a quaint atmosphere, eating at Ginza Kojyu almost resembles a dinner party at a friend’s house. Offering kaiseki dining, servers prepare each dish right before your eyes, and even give detailed explanations before serving. The restaurant primarily focuses on traditional Japanese cuisine, and doesn’t require you to pay too hefty of a bill at the end of the meal.




Obtaining a reservation here may be a little difficult, as this restaurant only has four tables in their dining area. However, a meal here makes every customer feel like as though they’re being treated to a VIP experience. Takazawa’s interior is modeled after traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, in which the host would serve tea to a small number of his or her guests. Chef Yoshiaki Takazawa, founder and owner, along with his wife, are famous for their innovative dish presentations, and offer a very personal experience, catering to all of their customers’ needs.


Sushi Saito

Widely regarded as serving the best sushi in Tokyo, Sushi Saito embraces the art of casual dining despite serving very high quality food. Another restaurant named after its genius chef, Chef Saito is happy to oblige all of his guests. However, much like Takazawa, seats are extremely limited, and reservations are required. Don’t let this sway you from visiting. Sushi Saito is well known for its tuna, squid, and careful approaches in delivering the best meal possible.