Travel Gear for the Adventuring Pet Owner


Leonardo Raymundo

Pet owners of all kinds understand the joy of bringing their animal companions along with them on trips, whether that is to the beach, across the country on a road trip, or flying overseas. However, this can come as a challenge depending on certain travel requirements or restrictions. For example, not all hotels are pet-friendly, and most airlines require a hefty amount of paperwork to accommodate for your furry friend.

Thankfully, there are plenty of different types of travel gear specifically designed for cats and dogs on the go that could make traveling much less burdensome for both pets and pet owners. The following are a number of convenient items you can find anywhere online.

The Bubble Pet Carrier

Allow your pet to travel in safety and style while also giving them a nice view to enjoy. U-Pet created the Bubble Pet Carrier for cats and small dogs to be carried around safely in the comfort of a backpack that includes ventilation holes, mesh panels, and a security leash. The small bubble-like window also gives them a view of their surroundings for added enjoyment.

Ellie Dog Wear Raincoat

Perfect for inclement weather, this bright yellow raincoat is designed to keep your dog (no matter how big or small) dry and comfortable. All sizes are adjustable and come with a removable hoodie depending on your dog’s personal preferences. Pockets are included should you be traveling with any treats or toys. Rain, sleet, or snow, your dog will be able to endure all types of conditions.

The Paw Plunger

The outdoors can get dirty, especially when you’re hiking, camping, or venturing off the beaten path. Your pets should have the option of showering off just as you do. This is where the Paw Plunger comes into play. A portable mini-shower completed with removable brushes, this tool is perfect for traveling pets. The only steps necessary include filling the plunger with water and dipping your pet’s paws in. After all, walking around with mud, dirt, or sand is uncomfortable for all species.

Portable Water Tray

Another great device for campers and hikers, portable water trays are ideal for keeping all pets hydrated. These are made by a number of different companies, so feel free to do some research to find the best one for you and your furry companion.

Auto Zip Line

Driving isn’t exactly a walk in the park for most pets, both literally and metaphorically. Some dogs may find it difficult to stand or stay balanced in a moving vehicle, which is why the Kurgo Auto Zip Line for dogs is the perfect solution. This product attaches a leash to two fixed points in the backseat of any car while also giving your dog the freedom to move back and forth. It is secure enough to prevent any sudden movements from the dog in the event of a sudden stop. Keeping canines secure since 2003, Kurgo’s mission is to make exploring the world better, safer, and more fun for dogs.